Rogue Trader A master of starships, leaders, diplomats, and rogues. The Rogue Trader is granted the Warrant of Trade to journey beyond the borders of the Imperium to trade, explore, and make war in the name of the God-Emperor.

Arch-militant Expert in all forms of combat. Invaluable as a body-guard to a Rogue Trader.

Astropath A psyker who powers and very essence has been touched by the light of the God-Emperor. An Astropath is able to form a lifeline of communication across the great expanse of the Imperium. The Astropath serves as the only viable means of communication across scattered vessels and the interstellar distances.

Explorator Part adventurer, part emissary of the Machine Cult of Mars. Explorators are Tech-priests adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They travel into the depths of the unknown and unearth the ashes of the past to acquire knowledge.

Missionary Missionaries are commonly dispatched to serve alongside Rogue Traders as travel beyond Imperial space presents uncounted opportunities to contact and convert lost civilizations of Humanity.

Navigator A Navigator is a scion of one of the great Navigator clans. Without the Navigator’s mutation, the Warp Eye, travel across the expanse of the galaxy would be impossible. The Warp Eye allows the Navigator to perceive the nightmarish realm of the warp.

Seneschal The seneschal is the master of ceremonies, master of coin and commerce, master of logistics, master of emissaries, master of whispers and spies. Many Seneschals are a master of disguise and duplicity, able to blend into the background of most situations.

Void-Master A Void-Master controls the vessels systems as if they were an extension of his own body. The Void-Master might be a helmsmen, master gunner, or warden of the ships sensors. Regardless of his position, the ships survival often depends on his skill.


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