Vitor Mattox




Weapon Skill 33
Ballistic Skill 38
Strength 31
Toughness 26
Agility 32
Intelligence 51
Perception 36
Will Power 36
Fellowship 50

Talents & Traits

Unremarkable: Attempts to pick out Vitor in a crowd, or to remember details about his appearance are at -20.

Resistance to Fear: +10 bonus to checks against fear.

Talented: Fellowship: +10 on Fellowship-based skill rolls

Calculus Logi Implants: +10 to rolls for Literacy, Logic, or Scholastic Lore

+1 Initiative

Special Abilities

Seeker of Lore: Spend a fate point to automatically succeed at any ciphers, lore or logic test.

Seneschal Ability: Add one degree of success to a successful commerce, inquiry or evaluate roll.


Vitor Mattox was born on the hiveworld of Metzwald. From an early age, he knew that he had a destiny greater than the packed arcologies of his homeworld. To live and die anonymous amongst the teeming billions was a fitting enough fate for those he grew up with, but not for Vitor. He had to get off Metzwald and find his rightful place among the stars.

Vitor knew that his gift for numbers was his ticket offworld, so at the earliest opportunity he sold himself to a trading guild and began his long and tedious training as a clerk. In time, his skills as an apprentice and his rapidly burgeoning knack for subterfuge and betrayal got him his wish: the guild gave him a minor journeyman’s post plying one of their less-lucrative routes. As the years turned to decades, and a century passed, Vitor grew in both ambition and frustration. He was able to amass personal power here in the backwaters of the galaxy, and made his masters in the guild a tidy profit, but he knew that he was being ignored, shunted away, perhaps by those jealous of his talents or afraid of what he would accomplish if given his proper place.

It was there, on the periphery of the Imperium, that Vitor’s destiny revealed itself to him. It was, however, a destiny twisted beyond what a younger Vitor Mattox, looking up at the smog-blurred stars from Metwald, would have dreamt.

When the Eldar raiding party boarded the freighter Lepidera, Vitor was among those unlucky enough not to have been killed in the attack. He had heard of the xenos before, of their abominable cruelty, but onboard that ship, he got a first-hand taste of the aliens’ disdain for humanity. Along with a small number of fellow captives, Vitor used all the deceit, all the dirty tricks, he had accumulated in a lifetime of keeping what was his and taking from others. There was bloodshed and betrayal in that escape from the Lepidera, and many were left behind, but Vitor and some few others made it out.

This, then, was Vitor’s destiny: to gather power and influence so that he might effectively face the enemies of man. The exhortations of the Imperial missionaries had always fallen hollow on Vitor’s ears. Their words seemed hollow and, even worse, inefficient to the younger, more innocent man he had once been. But now he felt a xenocidal fervor to equal the church’s, but a more focused zealotry: perfectly rational and calculating. The xenos were ruthless and heartless and, if the Imperium of Man were to survive, it would need people equally ruthless and heartless, those willing to sacrifice what must be sacrificed and make the bloody decisions. And those shadow champions of humanity would need power beyond what he could amass in this paltry mining sector.

Accepting a commission from [[Ray | Ray Malcolms]], Vitor bought out his remaining contract to the guild and set forth into the Koronus Expanse, ready to grab the fortune and power that would allow him to strike at humanity’s enemies.

Vitor Mattox

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