Session 3 - 2/10/10

As the psychic interference grew too painful to bear, Astropath Gailen went back to wait in the shuttle. He was replaced by a high-ranking Voidmaster who had come with the security detail (Matt couldn’t make it, and Mike joined us for the session), and the part pressed on towards the bridge of the derelict ship.

They came to the large double doors of the lift shaft. Echo got the doors open, and everyone got inside the massive lift, but behind them, a shadow detached itself from the darkness and swooped towards them. It was blurry and dark, all wings and claws and shadows. They tried to close the doors against the chaos beast, but they were slow and old. Torque opened fire on the thing, hurting it, and Skull Commander Malcoms finished it off with his power sword. Even as the Commander pushed the creature out the lift doors, it was already dissolving back into shadows.

At the top of the lift was a long corridor leading to the bridge. There were bodies on the floor, torn to pieces. On either side were control panels, and the door was guarded by several security servitors. Echo used the language of machines to talk to the servitors and convince them that the party was not a threat. Vitor Mattox access the control panels and discovered they were part of the security system. Through them, he pulled up a video image of what was happening in the bridge.

On the video, the team saw the captain of the ship waving his sword and shouting at his crew and navigator. They were able to make out more dead bodies in the bridge, and began to suspect the worst.

When they entered the bridge, the captain was suspicious, but not openly hostile. Vitor Mattox kept him busy by claiming that the team had come to rescue the ship by command of Aspyce Chorda.

“Chord’a alive?” The captain was incredulous. “Impossible! Her ship was torn apart. That wolf pack came out of nowhere!”

Looking around the area, the team confirmed their suspicions: the bridge was full of dead crewmembers – including the navigator. They looked to have been dead for about three months, but showed no signs of violence.

Suddenly, the captain saw something coming down the hallway.

“Secure the bridge!” he barked into his write-comm to the servitors. “We have intruders!”

While the rest of the team took up their positions to engage the invading shadow-wings, Skull Commander Malcoms tried to talk with the captain. The captain, who was obviously mad, was overcome with terror and fled before him. As the firefight raged in the corridor, the captain drew his sword and attacked the Commander; the two of the dueled for control of the ship.

Finally, the shadow-things were defeated, and the captain fell, bleeding but alive, to the Commander’s power sword.

“You are relieved of duty,” said Commander Malcoms as he ripped the wrist-comm from the captain’s arm.

Now that the ship was somewhat secured, Echo and Mattox set to digging through its computer banks. They found star charts and ships’ logs, and notes about a “beacon”—enough that, with some analysis, they might be able to figure out where the ship had been. According to the ship’s log, it had been in a battle 35 years ago. When it jumped away, it vanished into the void until now.

Mattox ordered crew members from Pandora’s Skull to come over and start stripping the ship of all its cargo and usable systems. Torque ordered a security crew to keep the workers safe and ensure that none of the shadow-things make it to the Skull. The plan was to take what they could quickly, then sell the location of the ship to salvagers at Footfall.

Session 2 - 1/20/10

Motivated by rumors that Sarvus Rook was interested in an old ship that recently reappeared out of warp, the team decided to investigate the ship themselves, and to distract Rook with a nice bit of subterfuge.

As a distraction, Seneschal Mattox talked to Felix, his contact with the miner’s guild. Felix pointed him to another miner’s guild member, who Mattox bribed into carrying a coded, counterfeit message from the Xandov house saying that they’d found the old Chorda passage.

It seemed that Rook did not take the bait, however, since he suddenly took off, ostensibly towards the space hulk. Skull Commander Malcolms gave the command to ready the ship and launch; three days later, Pandora’s Skull set out from Footfall.

The ship made it to the system’s edge, and then into warp, without incident. After some time in warp, the alarms went off, and Astropath Gailen was overwhelmed by warp energies. Echo checked the sensors: it appeared another ship with near Pandora’s Skull and closing fast. It was many times the size of the Skull and records suggested that it was an ancient Imperial ship from before the Horus Heresy. Malcolms tried to hail the ship, but got nothing but mad screaming in response.

The leviathan brought its weapons to bear.

“Get us out of warp!” Malcolms commanded the Navigator. But the Navigator couldn’t find a safe place to drop out.

The ships exchanged fire. As expected, the Skull took the worst of it. The mysterious ship was preparing a final volley when the Navigator found the exit, took it, and Pandora’s Skull escaped into real space—where it was discovered to be unharmed. Except for the ammunition that had been fired, it was as if the encounter with the phantom ship had never happened.

After steeling the nerves of the crew, and getting a fix on the hulk via Gailen’s psychic senses, the ship entered warp once more, and arrived at the hulk’s location.

The derelict ship was confirmed to be the Malicious, part of Chorda’s fleet that went missing some 30 years earlier. Gailen reported nothing but psychic screams of madness from its astropath, and hailing it got nothing but static, and a faint voice saying that the incoming transmission (from the Skull) was just another trick of madness. The port side of the ship showed a horrendous gash, but there was power and atmosphere in most of the ship.

Giving up any further thought of talking with the obviously-insane crew of the Malicious, the team put together an away shuttle consisting of the PCs and 20 troopers. Two more shuttles, each full of troopers, stayed back to serve as reinforcements in case things went poorly.

The shuttle landed in the bay without incident. The bay was deserted, though a trooper with a scanner reported huddled life forms in the engine room (aft) and bridge (fore). Torque assigned three troopers to defend the shuttle, and the team headed for the bridge. As the team made their way, Torque dropped off three pairs of troopers at key intersections to ensure that they weren’t ambushed from behind. They were to remain in radio contact on a regular basis.

Gailen sensed that the psychic screaming was coming from the bridge, probably from the ship’s astropath. He also sensed the warp seeping into the ship, and a demonic presence. Echo felt something too, and was reluctant to continue on towards the bridge, but the Mattox convinced him to move forward.

Gunfire erupted behind the team. Torque called for a status report: one of the pairs of troopers had been “slashed to ribbons” – presumably by demons. Torque ordered the other four troopers to join those at the shuttle, and to secure the shuttle at all costs. The rest of the troopers accompanied the captain’s crew as they made their way ever-closer to the chaos-infested bridge of the Malicious...

Session - 1/6/2010

Vitor Mattox – Seneschal Torque – Arch-Militant Ray Malcolms – Rogue Trader Echo – Explorator Gailen – Astropath

The Explorers begin at the villanous hive known as Footfall. Footfall is essentially the last point of “civilization” on this side of the Koronous Passage.

While in drydock after several voyages to Winterscales Realm, the Seneschal hears persistant whispers that an unknown and identified ship has translated into real-space. Further reports indicate that Sarvus Rook


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